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Cleavage is the exposed area between a woman's breasts lying over the sternum , and refers only to what is visible with clothing or dense, nontransparent body art that includes a low-cut neckline. In these cultures women have, throughout history, sought to enhance their physical attractiveness and femininity, within the context of changing fashions and cultural-specific norms of modesty of the time and place. The methods practised in appropriate contexts have included the accentuation and partial display of breasts, including cleavage. In some cultures any display of cleavage may be culturally taboo e. The anatomical term for the area that constitutes a cleavage is intermammary cleft , intermammary sulcus or sulcus intermammarius. However, the term is most commonly applied to a neckline that reveals or emphasizes cleavage.
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Fat necrosis

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There's A Shadow On A Church In San Francisco That Looks Like A Sideboob

Your doctor might suspect a breast abscess based on your symptoms and physical examination findings. An ultrasound scan is needed to confirm the diagnosis. The breast abscess will need to be drained using a needle and syringe after applying some local anaesthetic to numb the skin. You might need to take a course of antibiotics after drainage.
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Breast abscess

NCBI Bookshelf. Boston: Butterworths; The goal of the breast examination is to determine if the breasts are normal or abnormal. If abnormal, any or all of the following may be indicated: surgical consultation, reexamination at a different time of the menstrual cycle, mammograms, and possibly ultrasound.
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What is fat necrosis? What are the symptoms of fat necrosis? How is fat necrosis diagnosed? How is fat necrosis treated? Can fat necrosis increase the risk of breast cancer?
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