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If you have a small penis , you may find yourself frantically Googling ways to enlarge your member. A quick search reveals a number of weird tactics that men use - including medications, lotions and even vacuum devices. To help separate the fact from the fiction, Ms Francis Tilley, co-founder of the Androfill clinic in London has revealed which penis enlargement tactics work, and which are a waste of time. There are several penis enlargement surgeries available that can add both length and girth to the penis. Surgery involves two main procedures - flaccid lengthening which as the name suggests, adds length , and fat transfer surgery which adds girth. And worrying, the most common complication of this surgery is shortening of the erect penis length, which somewhat defeats the purpose!
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Weird ways men try to enlarge their PENISES - and which techniques actually work

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Penis Professor–The Award Winning, Unique, All Natural Penis Exercise Program – LTE-U Forum

At one end of the penis enlarging spectrum you have phalloplasty and penis traction devices. These are both pretty pricey though they work. At the other end of the spectrum you have absolutely free ways to increase penis size that also work. These may take a bit more time and effort than paying for penis extenders, but when times are tough you do what you have to do. Actually, penis hand exercises are quite enjoyable, so why men would give up on this is a mystery to me. You can look around online for penis exercises and this is absolutely free. Just be sure that the exercises look legit and require nothing but your hand.
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The Exercise That Could Save Your Sex Life

Male enhancement exercises are often used by men that are unhappy with the size of their penis but are unsure of penis extenders, male enhancement pills or penis enlargement patches. It is rumoured to go as far back as Ancient Egypt but really gained popularity in Africa around two thousand years ago. This was when men used to hang weights to the end of the penis in order to stretch it and increase blood flow.
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You probably think of Kegel exercises as a chick-only thing. She squeezes her pelvic floor muscles to prep her for childbirth or make sex more intense. But it turns out, they're not just for women. A new review in the journal Urology found that strengthening a man's pelvic floor—the muscles that surround the base of your penis and form a shelf across the bottom of your pelvis—can help diminish erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. How so?
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